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Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful | SiSi Daye

Wouldn’t it be Wonderful if…..There was no Coronavirus.

There are many things that people would wish would have never happened and what could have happened. Also people would wish that something would happen in the future, or not happen. However, I can't make a wish come true. But if I could, I would wish that this whole “coronavirus” had never happened. A lot of time has been taken away from many people. Not just me, but everyone. I am pretty sure that a lot of the community would side with me and say no more Covid.

When this whole pandemic had not started, I was finishing some assignments in my sixth grade classroom. As I would look over my scribbled paper, I would look for any mistakes that had not been understood. Hoping that these fixes would be my final graceful steps in 6th grade, and then, I am on my way to middle school. Also hoping that this would be a great start to my new life in a new school. But, the teacher brings news. Yet, I can't tell if it is bad or good. He said that we, the class, would be taking a few weeks off due to a spreading virus that may be a cause of death. At these words, I was stunned. I thought it would be fun to take a few weeks off. Like winter break or Ski Week. But, I was mistaken.

Instead of endless hours of watching TV and playing video games, it turned into endless jail hours. Locked in my own home, I sit in front of my computer, dazed at the fact that this is my new life. Prison. As I chalk those days on a blank wall in my prison cell, I also see a light. A light at the end of the tunnel that would be my freedom. But… it is yet so far from the present. So, I wait. Still trying to keep up with my school work, I try to push down my doubts. Hoping that my positivity would not fade. But reality had a better idea then to stay positive. Things started to happen as I keep pushing my way through this pandemic. In the news, the coronavirus is becoming the world’s most likely cause of death. Also my neighbor across the street had passed away. After that, I can't seem to keep up with my school work.

So, this Covid 19 has taken a lot from many people. For example, my mom helps young adults who want to try to get a new career. Well, she was scheduled to help a girl that had recently graduated from college. Instead of having a celebration for a life's work, she had to graduate online. Also, my mom is not there to help her get started on another step in life. Another thing that has a negative effect on others lives is…..the years of the past. When you get older, you will look back on your years. And some of the best years are in highschool. But sadly, people have been having those “good times” at home, on a couch, with no improvement. Some fun.

This coronavirus has taken many lives and has affected many. With no solution, and no plan for the future to come, we still have hope. Which is the only thing we need to get through this. In conclusion, if this whole mess had not started in the first place, wouldn’t it be wonderful? My hope is that we will get through this soon and not many more lives will be taken.


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