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THE WAR ON STATUES: America's Destruction Intensifies | Scott Jardine

(This essay originally appeared as a Facebook posting for The Conservative Core with Scott on July 1, 2020).

Chaos. Destruction. Anarchy. Criminality. We can accurately sum up the current state of affairs with these four words. To make this clear, once again, these riots are no longer dedicated to George Floyd. Most of us have concluded that this is an ideological takeover. While Democrats needn't bother to budge for the condemnation of these riots, the mission continues. Destroy America. Destroy historical settlements and creations that represent and have contributed to the U.S' prosperous nation-building.

Historic U.S statues and other monuments have come under siege as far left-wing anarchists tout their disapproval and engage in grotesque desecration of these renowned statue figures. Without the understanding of the true historical context, let alone the willingness to open a history book, damage such as roping statues to the ground and defacing them are being deemed as innocuous and an acceptable form of self-expression by Democrats.

It's “white supremacy” the mob claims as these histrionic anarchists venture off and seek to destroy altogether. So their next target? You guessed it. They turn to statues as, to them, they embody the term "white supremacy". White, liberal apologists grandstand and pontificate alongside them as they profoundly express their "white guilt". They're apparently not like "other" white people. They are kinder, more loving, more considerate, supportive and, more importantly, not racist.

Thought looting was enough? You couldn't be more wrong there. This is a new attempt to justify and downplay a slew of cataclysmic events that defies the current administration's sought after plan of what a safeguarded milieu should exemplify. Thanks to these peaceful, justice-seeking protestors.

Examples of targeted statues are as follows:

Christopher Columbus St. Junipero Serra Francis Scott Key George Washington Thomas Jefferson Robert E. Lee Ulyssess S. Grant Albert Pike Abraham Lincoln

Ironically, the vast majority of these statues of historical U.S figures currently under attack have never aligned themselves with the Confederates. Here are a couple examples:

These people pulled down a statue of Ulyssess S. Grant, former 18th president of the U.S and former Union Commander who fought the Civil War against the Confederates to save and liberate blacks in the South at the cost of their own lives. Under his Presidency, he advocated, alongside Republicans "equal civil and political rights to all" and African American enfranchisement.

How about Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt? Why was he torn down? On October 16th 1901, he brought Booker T. Washington, an African-American, to have dinner with him at the White House. It’s worth mentioning that NO black person was allowed in the White House during that time, not until 30 years after. Southern politicians or then-Democrats, were up in arms and slandered Teddy and his wife for years after doing such an act. Roosevelt stated that he looked forward to having more dinners with Washington. Back when Roosevelt was Governor of New York, he frequently had black guests over to dinner, even sleep overs.

How about the Abraham Lincoln memorial? The man who is widely regarded as the one who "freed the slaves" when he issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, 1863? This gave birth to the 14th Amendment. He must have been a white supremacist.

An exception of this is the statue of Albert Pike and Robert E. Lee. In downtown Washington D.C, Pike served as a senior officer of the Confederates States Army on November 22nd 1861. Later, he was arrested for treason against the Confederacy, to which led him to the decision to submit his resignation from the Conderates on July 12th 1862. The statue is federally owned by the National Park Service. The mob set Pike's statue on fire on federal grounds. As for Robert E. Lee, he also served on the Confederates States Army too.

On a legal basis, tearing down statues is unacceptable because it is a "federal crime" that belongs on "federal property". Where is Washington on all this? Why aren't they enforcing these laws to prosecute these dead from the neck up law-breakers? Secondly, you’re merely erasing American history. The past is usually there to remind us that the future can be changed for the best, not to repeat itself. That is sole reason why it exists for us. These statues are a testament of the level to which America has evolved when you compare historical outcomes from the past with the present; this includes struggle, hardships and inequality. Also, it's essential for educational purposes such as to visit it on school field trips, for example. This disparity is far greater. That right there is American history. But these fanatical rioters, thugs, anarchists are absolutely hell-bent on the idea that these statues signify “white supremacy”. Besides, the vast majority of white Americans in the U.S aren't concerned about racial superiority. They want to preserve these monuments for posterity because each statue has a reason and a story to tell.

This obsession of eradicating white supremacy which has been spoken out by bloviating BLM protestors has everyone wondering, after they've targeted virtually every white statue, assuming that they are all complicit in the problem, irrespective of evidence. Oh, and get this, we’ve unlocked a whole new level of wokeness: Remove Jesus Christ. How is this going to play out, I wonder?

Hawk Newsome, co-founder of Greater New York chapter of BLM, stated "If this country doesn't give us what we want, we will burn down this system and replace it, alright?" What is it that you want specifically? Senate Republicans and House Democrats are in a bind due to Democrats refusal to accept amendments from Republicans to issue changes as they are willing to cooperate, while city leaders amoung a violent epidemic of riots cave to the mob. It may be cliché at this point but mob rules. This neo-Marxist revolution is exacerbating to the point where innocent people are being attacked outright. For example, videos have been circulating about a homeless man sleeping on a sidewalk and was set on fire with Roman candle lights by thugs. A more active video depicts a white employee at Macy's was beaten by a black man in the store with nobody coming to his aid, CCTV footage of a white man being beaten after leaving a convenience store out in a car park and another man was shot in New York City for wiping down his car. I have just laid out a plethora of examples of these uncalled for, pernicious behaviour on innocent civilians. BLM, if this is your form of justice, then it's time to re-evaluate it immediately. There's no doubt things will turn ugly fast and not to your benefit.

Upsetting enough, police officers have filed for retirement because they've had enough. They have no support from Governors as well as city councils. It's a verbatim disincentive for hard-working officers who lay their lives down everyday to protect and serve their community. They've lost the will to execute their jobs efficiently and with passion amidst the "Defunding The Police"; the new talk around town. The increase in violence and chaos has led to police abandoning these areas.

Enter: CHOP. What about CHOP? With cops unable to do their jobs and being chased out of their precinct in Seattle, this new communist safe space, providing such quality standards of living such as food, drinks, unsanitary portable toilets provided by the government and San Francisco-style tents set up, has made its presence known. CHOP or "Communist Housing On Parasites", as I now call it is another form of a pathetic and ridiculous protest has reported to have shootings.The irresponsible actions of the Seattle mayor to not foresee this, even as police are not present and allowing citizens to control six blocks of Seattle, is utterly reprehensible. The fight to dismantle CHOP should have been initiated at the start, not last minute. Additionally, CHOP has called forth the creation for black segregated areas. Sounds like the re-emergence of Jim Crow if you ask me. What other brilliant ideas do you think these radical leftists would come up with next?

If there aren't any police patroling and quelling the lawlessness to the point where taxpayers are frantic about leaving their homes, going to work, daily lives being threatened externally by these crazies, Donald Trump MUST dispatch the National Guard to such affected areas, not just CHOP.

This shouldn't be allowed to drag on at all. However, we've gotten obvious confirmation from city leaders, particularly in left-wing areas, that these rioters must be allowed to vent and, thereby, destroy, loot private-owned businesses, vandalize public and private property and enter the latter without permission. It's perfectly fine. This is the epitome of the left's hypocrisy and this double standard as this violates the rule of law if it, apparently, isn't done without a particular cause. Another example, you can reprimand the Trump campaign on on their rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma for social distancing but fail to reinforce the latter yourselves.

Anyone in their right mind would view this situation apolitically. The country has been divided more than ever, so societal dysfunction will result. In short, the fruits of social change would ONLY arise if Washington becomes strongly, adamant with enforcing laws on these acts, disallowing wild anarchists to run amok. You've got the authority. But it's treated quasi as a game.


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