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Suit life in our Future | SiSi Daye

Have you ever considered becoming an astronaut? An astronaut's job is very difficult and requires hard work. These scientists have to train to do many important tasks on their spacecraft. According to Source #1, there is critical training which must occur before an astronaut is qualified to journey into space.

The text states that "astronauts train hundreds of hours." This training includes many of different things. For example, they must learn medical skills, such as first aid are taught to these explorers. Text #1 tells us how astronauts must learn what it will be like to be on the International Space Station. They practice riding vehicles created just for space that will help them get the supplies that they will need. Lastly, the author states that astronauts take scuba diving lessons to simulate floating in space.

In article #1, Talia Yee explains how astronauts have many jobs to perform in space to be successful. The text describes how missions specialists work together during their missions. The text states “Some astronauts learn how to put things together so they become good at fixing things.” In addiction, source #1 tells the reader that some scientists need to be pilots so they can fly and steer the spacecraft. Equally important, leaders are chosen and have the role of being in charge on the rocket. Finally, Source #1 explains how astronauts study science and living things.

Based on Source #2, various strange things happen to the body when it is in space for an extended period of time. Because this occurs, astronauts must be very healthy. Source #2 explains how blood flow changes for scientists while on the spacecraft. This causes them to have swollen faces and larger necks. Source #2 explains how muscles in the body get weaker. This can also happen to the heart muscle. “Life in Space” describes how they use large rubber bands to help them exercise to keep their muscles strong. Also, these brave astronauts face the challenge of feeling ill and it takes them quite a long time to get used to being weightless.

Obviously, life as an astronaut is very tough and challenging! However, it is an important and vital occupation and it is full of responsibility. The job of an astronaut is extremely difficult and rewarding. Being an astronaut is exhilarating!


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