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ANARCHISTS VS DEMOCRAT MAYORS: The Mob's Betrayal | Scott Jardine

"When is this going to end?". We've all asked this question frequently. It's likely the main question asked by every single law-abiding American. As law-abiding Americans, you know what should be expected within a civil society. You what should be expected from city leaders. But recent times has showcased a drastic change that has descended upon the nation and has sought to plant the seed for chaos.

For about three months, American families sat from their couches as they watched one of 2020’s top horror films continue to roll within cities, neighbourhoods and onto businesses. Everyday is a new sequel. Businesses burned. Bottles and rocks thrown at law enforcement. Police officers filed for resignation. Police departments defunded. Baseball bats, metal rods even wooden two-by-fours smashed business windows of hard-working Americans. Molotov cocktails torched federal buildings. Innocent white Americans attacked based on their skin colour. The results were horrific, needless to say. This resulted in a number of indictments on a slew of criminal offences.

The most prominent figure that lead the demise of many neighbourhoods, businesses even human lives are the Democrat mayors that run it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Their appeasing Democrat agenda fanned the flames for brewing chaos and flagrant insubordination for the rule of law. Cities such as New York, Portland, Washington D.C, Chicago, Atlanta, Wisconsin and several others have been subject to the violent implosion.

These are all Democrat-run cities, for the record. Not only have Democrat mayors unbecomingly aggrandized the mob via mutual support, they’ve granted them a substantial range of authority to monopolize these city streets; an extra limb for the radical left’s agenda was established. Law and order be damned. With the increase in tragic events on display, the mob’s authoritarian-like complex has continued to move rampantly throughout cities in droves. They call the shots. City leaders stand with their backs straight like students scolded by their teachers. It’s not a matter of justice with respect to George Floyd. It never was and we know this.

A constant call by city residents - taxpayers - have echoed their supplication for law and order. No one feels safe. How can anyone be when mayors remain subservient to the mob? It’s the antithesis of what exemplifies a leader. Americans warned them. The more power someone bestows upon a group, the more conceited it becomes. As such, it never ends well. Fearful for their life, law-abiding citizens armed themselves or lock themselves in their homes. Who knows where they may strike next so be on your guard.

Average Americans, particularly white Americans, have been accosted and browbeaten because of their profound resistance to the BLM movement. That’s racist by definition. Then again, double standards don’t matter to Democrats so who cares, right?

Americans have been cloaked with the Second Amendment by the awesome power granted by the constitution; the right to bear arms. In times like these it is imperative that Americans are able to practice the right to self-defense. This is obvious, of course. But within the space time amid numerous city breakdowns, the notion of bearing arms has apparently changed. New rule: if you're a law-abiding citizen wielding an AK-47 or a handgun, you're the criminal.

Remember Mike and Patricia McCloskey? Both of them lawyers, residing in a private neighbourhood in St. Louis, were approached by violent anarchists as they breached and dismantled an iron gate that had a “No Trespassing” sign. They threatened the couple with physical harm, threatened to steal their house and even kill their dog. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, who is a Democrat, even threatened them with prosecution because the “unlawful use of a weapon”- a Class E felony. Gardner’s preposterous claim bucks the trend in adherence to Missouri’s Castle Doctrine.

It’s not unfair to say that Democrat leaders are weak leaders. After all, they proved it. Without even a whit of circumspection, a quality that should be displayed by every leader, mayors have kissed up to the mob in an unimaginable way as if they’d receive an automatic immunity from the backlash. Well, some city leaders learned that harder than others.

Enter Mayor Lori Lightfoot. As a prominent, Trump-loathing Democrat, she knows full well what it’s like to be hoisted on her own petard. She has made her position on the mob’s rioting clear. With that being said, she has denounced local and federal law enforcement from intervening on criminality that have eroded city streets. Knowing that law enforcement has ample support from the Trump administration, she obviously denounced this.

Additionally, she rejected federal assistance from law enforcement agents that were sent by the Trump administration to mitigate the violence in her city. She later got a phone call from President Trump about the riots taking place in her city. This became a lightning rod for criticism by the mob. After word of the call was released in the press, the mob came to her doorstep.

How about Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland? As a another Democrat mayor, he has thrown out his support to the rioters of his city and repeatedly opposed federal law enforcement from intervening on the violence on federal property. On July 23, Wheeler decided to protest alongside BLM rioters. After he told a protestor that he refused to abolish police departments, he was immediately booed out of the crowd and called for his resignation as growling chants such as “black lives matter”, “F*** Ted Wheeler” and “quit your job” ambushed him.

It’s truly ironic that they same exact group who you supported would make a complete three sixty and condemn you at the drop of a hat. In fact, they didn’t care about you. They cared for their own personal goal. The more support for them, the better. That’s the way it goes. If it weren’t for Lightfoot’s Democrat-driven agenda, you could have avoided that slap to the face yet you stumbled right into it. What did she do in the end? She denounced the violence of the mob. How foolish can you be to finally get a reality check so late in the game when the havoc was in plain sight? On the other hand, if there is another thing that we can all deduce from this incident is that law and order only matters when city leaders are affected personally. In other words, these radical mayors don’t care about you; the average American.

Recently, Senator Rand Paul and his wife was caught at the epicenter of the action in Washington D.C. They were returning from his RNC speech at the White House when he was surrounded on all sides by these heartless rioters. Truth be told, this could have turned out really ugly if law enforcement wasn't there to guard them both. They sat down with Tucker Carlson on Fox News explaining the terror wrre confronted with and praised the fact that they were uninjured and safe. What was mind-blowing was the fact that one member of the mob vociferously shouted at Senator Rand Paul "Say Her Name" and "Breonna Taylor"; the claims made were quite inaudible knowing the constant uproar. Well any rioter decided to pay any attention at all, Rand Paul was the one who spearheaded the "Justice For Breonna Taylor Act" in June that barred all no-knock warrants so similar situations like what happened to her can be avoided.

The video caught an exchange between one officer, who was guarding Rand Paul and his wife, and a violent protestor. Guarding Rand Paul and his wife on their right was a police officer with a bicycle. That was utilized as a barricade. The officer was then immediately pushed by the said violent protestor, whom he initially tried to seperate from coming near them. Another example of the lack of respect for law enforcement. For the record, that exact lack of respect for officers was one of the prime factors that lead to the Police Chief of Seattle, Carmen Best, stepping down.

We watch as a once civil society move ever so closer toward the edge of the precipice as law enforcement struggle to break its fall. Law enforcement are the backbone for ensuring civility and social order. They aren’t permitted to do their job effectively. By some miracle, Kate Brown the Governor of Oregon agreed with Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf to coordinate alongside law enforcement agencies such as DHS and FPS to work alongside Portland state troopers to defend federal buildings.

Imagine Democrats slamming federal law enforcement as they refer to them as “storm troopers”- by Nancy Pelosi- “Donald Trump’s troops”- by Lori Lightfoot- even the term “Gestapo” was thrown in. The patent irony is the use of the term used to disparage federal law enforcement who’s purpose is to ensure the social stability and protection within these cities. Those terms are total perversions of an obvious destructive force with a red target at the heads of average Americans, federal property and American businesses. If mayors choose to sit on their hands and disassociate themselves from acting becomingly of a city leader, law enforcement wouldn't stand by dawdling. In the end, this is what they were paid to do even lay down their lives for the cost; for a safe country.

Like every film and every sequel, it must come to end and so will the riots eventually. The American people's best bet is riding on law and order. It's what weaves the fabric of society together. It's a shaky bridge as is but it is the only way out for the American people.


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